Embracing Love…in all its lovely forms :-)

  Howdy folks! The month of love has come to an end, but I’m hoping that this is not the end of your ‘love story.’ 🙂 Whether you were accosted with flowers on Valentine’s day or merely received a text message, I hope you were still able to recognize and experience love in its many shapes and forms. Romantic love… Read more →

From here to there…..2016 to 2017 :-)

Howdy Folks! Looks like it’s already time for what has become my annual year-end blog post 🙂 …where I look back on time and ask myself where the year has gone. Indeed, where did 2016 go?? Seems like just a few weeks ago when I was writing up the list of all my ‘hopes and dreams’ for the year…and now… Read more →

Meaty Meatballs…

Howdy folks! I rarely eat beef in its actual ‘beef form’ …..but mince and such…I like 🙂   Maybe because I can manipulate the taste and texture a lot more and …I don’t the other reasons lol But meatballs are always a great option, whatever the occasion. And especially if they are spicy and really meaty! 🙂 Here’s how I make… Read more →

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