Peanut Brittle

Howdy folks! 😊

Was thinking back on my childhood this week and I remembered how this sweet and nutty snack was a big part of it. Peanut brittle, or ‘Sweet Mbalala’ as it was called then, was a popular treat that you couldn’t wait to get your hands on as a child. 😊

Roasted peanuts held together by a sugary, caramel base combined two wonderful ingredients in one blissful bar (or block depending on the eventual shape). 😉

I recreated the recipe and hope you will do too, and revel in some of the memories it comes with! 😋

Here goes :

Peanut Brittle

Recipe by LubayaCourse: Snacks, DessertDifficulty: Medium


Prep time


Cooking time




  • 2 cups roasted Peanuts

  • 2 Cups Sugar

  • 1/4 Cup Water

  • 2 Tablespoons Golden syrup

  • Pinch of Salt


  • Start with your roasted peanuts. 😊 You can buy these pre-roasted from the grocery store, or you can buy raw ones and roast your own. I typically prefer the latter, so I can roast them as I want, and leave the skin partially on for some color. Will share my roasted peanut recipe in another post. 😉
  • Then, add the sugar to a saucepan together with the golden syrup and water. 😊
  • After a few minutes, you’ll see the sugar dissolve and combine with the other ingredients nicely, into a caramel sauce 😊. Use a wooden spoon to combine.
  • Allow the mixture to boil at a very high temperature ♨️ for about 15 minutes. If you have a candy thermometer, the required temperature should be at least 150 degrees C.
  • When you reach the required temp, add your peanuts to the pot, folding them into the caramel mixture. 😋
  • Make sure all the peanuts are well coated with the sauce…I prefer to have a fairly even proportion of peanuts to the syrup, that way it acts as a glue , as opposed to have the peanuts floating in the sugar mixture. 😋
  • While still hot, carefully pour the brittle mixture onto the prepared parchment paper in a pan, and quickly spread the mixture out, as thinly as desired. Set aside, and allow to cool. 😊
  • Once fully cooled (after at least 30 minutes), you’ll end up with a solid sheet of brittle. 😊
  • Break up the sheet into smaller manageable pieces, and pick one to enjoy! 😊😋

After reading to the end...what do you think? :-)