About lubzonline.com

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Welcome to lubzonline.com – the daily story of my life and those in it! Kikiki – just kidding.

I believe life is a journey and that being said, a particular African proverb comes to mind:  ‘If you want to go somewhere quickly – Go alone. If you want to go further – Go together.’

There’s so much going on in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives that people hardly have time to reflect on where they are currently, how they got there and where their lives are going – let alone enjoy the blessed moments that every day brings even while doing all that.

I am sharing my life stories with you, and insights on things I’ve learned in my short life so far on some of the things I’m passionate about; like God, Life, Music and People. My hope is that somewhere in these articles you’ll find something that speaks to you, and that you’ll be spurred on to live a more balanced, purposeful and authentic life.

Which equals  🙂

If something you read resonates with you, do drop me a line, or leave your thoughts and insights in the comments for other users to see and learn from. Iron does sharpen iron after all, and together…we can go so much farther…