About lubzonline.com

Howdy Folks! 😊

Welcome to www.lubzonline.com – the story of my life and those in it!  😂 – Just kidding. 

My name is Lubaya – though my family and friends call me ‘Lubz’ for short. And that’s where the name lubzonline.com came from. 😊

I thought this was a great way to connect with like-minded people from all over the world on the things I love and enjoy the most – Food, Travel, People and Shoes! 

Though I’ll admit that most of my posts on here are about food. ☺️

I am a home cook, so many of my recipes are from experimenting in the kitchen, dishes I’ve eaten growing up, and all sorts of cross-cultural influences from places in the world I’ve lived or visited.

In my other life, I also moonlight as a Banker, Writer and Shrink, from time to time.

If something you read on here resonates with you, do drop me a line, or leave your thoughts in the comments for other users to see and respond. Let’s make our own community! ✊🏽

Iron does sharpen iron after all, and together…we can be so much greater…💕