Meaty Meatballs…

imageHowdy folks! I rarely eat beef in its actual ‘beef form’ …..but mince and such…I like 🙂


Maybe because I can manipulate the taste and texture a lot more and …I don’t the other reasons lol

But meatballs are always a great option, whatever the occasion. And especially if they are spicy and really meaty! 🙂

Here’s how I make them (sometimes) :

Main Ingredients :

I forgot to Photograph a few of the other ingredients, but will tell you what they are :
image image


To the ground beef, I added half of a small, chopped purple onion and the spices in the above photo. Mix/’knead’ the ingredients well into the minced beef:

image image


Make your meatballs (meadium size) and then dust them off with a little Bisto – That takes the ‘beef falovor’ up a notch, according to my taste buds lol.


Ok…here’s where I take a different turn.

Add 3 tablespoons of water to a non-stick pan, some olive oil and a beef stock cube, and heat till they dissolve and get mixed together, as shown in the photo. The water is so that the meatballs get cooked through to the centre as opposed to deep frying them straight. Plus it gives the flavor from the stock cube a chance to get into the meat.



image image image


The water will eventually evaporate and meatballs will start frying…getting ‘browner and browner…’



image image


You can keep them on the pan till they reach your desired level of ‘brown-ness’ bearing in mind also that the longer they fry, the more moisture they lose and the harder they become. For me…this was perfect. And I can gauarantee you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the taste! 😉



You can also serve them the ‘traditional way’ like this:



Use the remainders on the pan after frying the meatballs to make a delicious gravy. Just add tomatoes and cook them down till tender. Add Worcestershire sauce, and a Teaspon of bisto mixed with water and cook to your desired thickness. Then voila!


Enjoy 😉



  1. Yummers. I’ll try the water oil and stock cube. I always just throw the meat balls in a pan of oil. I’ll try it one of these days

    • I definitely recommend it, Sali! Makes the ‘Beef’ taste stronger. Don’t add too much salt though…cos the stock cube does have salt already. All the best! 😉

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