Fruit Salad :-)

Howdy Folks! This has got to be one of my favourite desserts to make, because its both easy…and refreshing 🙂   Ingredients – As shown in the photo, I had mangoes, lemons, bananas, apples and oranges.                   Method: Cut up all the fruits into bite-sized pieces and combine evenly in one large… Read more →

‘Smashed Potatoes’ :-)

Howdy Folks! I love potatoes! 🙂 In any shape or form. Boiled, fried, baked, mashed and also…’smashed!’ ‘Smashed potatoes’ are mashed potatoes with texture. So they are not very smooth or ‘puréed’ like some of you like to have them lol. This is an easy recipe, and I just did a fresh take on what could easiy become a boring… Read more →

2015 – The lessons in the struggle……

Howdy Folks! 🙂 We’re at the end of another year and I thought in conclusion, I should share some personal thoughts on what 2015 has been like for me. Without a doubt, I can say it’s been a good year. The very fact that I’m writing this at the end of December 2015 means God’s hand has protected, provided, comforted… Read more →

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