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Going green….(Part II)

Howdy Folks! In continuing our discussion on Jealousy from the last post, I hope you’ve had sufficient time to reflect and see where exactly you lie on this continuum and how you respond to the success of others in your life, particularly when it seems like your own life is […]

Going green….(Part I)

Howdy Folks! There are few areas in life where people experience the pressure to be ‘successful’ and ‘make progress’ more than in the areas of relationships and careers. There seems to exist an unwritten rule that you need to be at point X by the age of Y in both […]

The Confusion of Silence

              Howdy Folks! Its been several weeks of the ‘silent treatment’ on here, since I haven’t posted much on the blog during this time. Not for lack of topics or material to cover, but I like to write from my heart about the things that […]