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Embracing Love…in all its lovely forms :-)

  Howdy folks! The month of love has come to an end, but I’m hoping that this is not the end of your ‘love story.’ 🙂 Whether you were accosted with flowers on Valentine’s day or merely received a text message, I hope you were still able to recognize and experience love in its many shapes and forms. Romantic love… Read more →

From here to there…..2016 to 2017 :-)

Howdy Folks! Looks like it’s already time for what has become my annual year-end blog post 🙂 …where I look back on time and ask myself where the year has gone. Indeed, where did 2016 go?? Seems like just a few weeks ago when I was writing up the list of all my ‘hopes and dreams’ for the year…and now… Read more →

2015 – The lessons in the struggle……

Howdy Folks! 🙂 We’re at the end of another year and I thought in conclusion, I should share some personal thoughts on what 2015 has been like for me. Without a doubt, I can say it’s been a good year. The very fact that I’m writing this at the end of December 2015 means God’s hand has protected, provided, comforted… Read more →

Going green….(Part II)

Howdy Folks! In continuing our discussion on Jealousy from the last post, I hope you’ve had sufficient time to reflect and see where exactly you lie on this continuum and how you respond to the success of others in your life, particularly when it seems like your own life is going nowhere, fast. Or if some of your friendships have… Read more →

Going green….(Part I)

Howdy Folks! There are few areas in life where people experience the pressure to be ‘successful’ and ‘make progress’ more than in the areas of relationships and careers. There seems to exist an unwritten rule that you need to be at point X by the age of Y in both of these areas. I actually don’t think there is anything… Read more →

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