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Smoked Chicken wings :-)

Howdy folks! I know I haven’t done a food post in a while…so I’ll post a really quick and easy recipe I made on a recent lazy Sunday. Smoked Chicken wings! 🙂 After church…you’re tired and worn out so not much energy to start cooking. Enter chicken wings. Enter smoked chicken wings = already cooked. Yay! 🙂 Ok…here goes. This… Read more →

Fresh Ground nuts – a.k.a Nshaba, Imbalala, Peanuts etc

Seeing that these are in season in these parts…I figured I’d share how I like to eat them, particularly if they are still fresh and not dried. There’s many ways…but this is how I prepared and ate them yesterday  😉   Wash under a running tap with warm water to remove any unwanted particles and loose soil from the outer… Read more →

Spring/Summer Salad :-)

imageHowdy Folks! I dunno if its Spring or Summer, but all I know is It’s hot out here in the tropics!!….and this salad was extra refreshing when I made it yesterday. The ingredients were refrigerated – so it was cold and crunchy and all I can say is I was really thankful for every bite! 🙂

Lettuce, Apples, Yellow pepper, Green Pepper, Tomatoes, Onions And Grapes.

Salad dressing – Ranch + Lime Coriander  (in equal measure).


Enjoy! xoxox



Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese icing…a.k.a Piece of Heaven lol

Looks like my attempts to give up/ reduce my sugar intake are suffering blow after major blow lol!



Can’t say I regretted eating this though…it was sooo good! Left me feeling all fuzzy and warm inside lol.

Had a slice a day for 3 days in a row! #EyesCoveredInShameWithSlyGrin#


Pray for me, folks!



Michopo -kikiki!

Ok guys…withhold your judgement! lol I admit to eating these…255

But when you’re walking down the street to the overwhelming scent of burning meat…its definitely hard to resist! There’s a reason why even God desired burnt offerings so much in the Old testament! The taste is just sacred lol.


For the uninitiated…this delicacy known as ‘Michopo’ (introduced to me by my older brother), is strips of Goat-meat being roasted or bar-b-qued (whichever is the appropriate term) over a charcoal fire. When ready, they are served usually in a newspaper with ‘onion rings’ like this :


You’ll find these ‘BBQ’s’ or ‘Braai stands’ on many street corners or near popular drinking spots for the enjoyment of the patrons. I will add however, that these were purchased on a ‘Street corner’ lol

Live a little you guys, kikiki!




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